1812 Vive la Pepa - Manolo Carrasco



An audiovisual show inspired by the historical events that led to the proclamation of the Constitution of Cadiz in 1812. A wonderful audiovisual show that commemorates the two-hundredth anniversary of the 1812 Constitution of Cadiz, based on the music of the prestigious Cadiz-born pianist and composer Manolo Carrasco. Carrasco takes us to a new world, a world of his own compositions, full of colourful nuances and infinite melodies carefully played with a timeless execution…

A concert about passion and strength, featuring soloists from his string quintet, that recreates a musical fantasy about the 1812 Spanish Constitution. The successful combination of his Andalusian roots with a style that is modern and classic at the same time, along with a spectacular choreography and great audiovisual aids, make it an unforgettable show.

The composer and pianist takes the audience through a musical journey to a historical and liberal Cadiz, which marks the epic event of the war against Napoleon, at a time where Spain decided to fight instead of surrender, and where Cadiz rose as a bastion of the resistance of a people that fought for freedom.


Video and Dossier of the show

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