Dance Andalucia - Manolo Carrasco



Manolo Carrasco’s Danza Andalucía was a sell-out show at all 37 performances that the Cadiz-born pianist gave at the Nissay Theatre in Tokyo. The strength of Carrasco’s rendering at his piano, combined with a show that mixed Andalusian music, jazz, flamenco dancing and video displays of a horse’s foot tapping, elicited numerous ovations from the 39 thousand spectators that attended the show between December and January on its first visit to Japan.

The success that the 29-year-old Gaditan pianist achieved in Tokyo led the organisers to extend an invitation for him to come back to Japan the following year.

During the promotional campaign of the show, Manolo Carrasco was the guest star on a one-and-a-half-hour-long TV show on Tokyo’s Channel 8 in December, which highlighted the wonders of his music and of Andalusia.


Video and Dossier of the show

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