Aires de Andalucia - Manolo Carrasco



We pride ourselves in presenting Aires de Andalucía by Manolo Carrasco. This new musical is an intimist and generous concert, with the impact of great multimedia support. The first part -comprised of Andalusian classics- is simply delicious, while the second half -featuring Manolo Carrasco’s own creations- has a more sensitive note. Both sections reveal not only the author’s artistic quality but also his ability to engage with the audience.

With the aim of three instruments, music becomes a kind of toy that arouses emotions and creates a truly special atmosphere. Thanks to its great technical skill, Aires de Andalucía brings out unforgettable moments and presents us once again with the quintessence of Andalusia, full of colour and joy. Three instruments that combine to reveal their inner force, something unique, something that cannot be erased…

Once again, the combination of elements in Aires de Andalucía manages to arouse passions and plunges us into an ocean of music.

A truly unique show.


Video and Dossier of the show

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