Passion Andaluza - Manolo Carrasco



Passion Andaluza is a truly equestrian ballet built on reinterpreted classical and western dressage routines, combined with live music, dance and flamenco. By combining three elements -namely music, dance and horses-, Manolo Carrasco takes us on a journey to the magic of Andalusia, his homeland.

This show not only recreates Andalusian passion, but it also depicts the joy and the colours of the Southern Spanish culture. Passion Andaluza is a family entertainment show that will be appreciated by children and adults alike as they feel the charm of equestrian dancing. The main difference with other shows is that here the music is played live.

The show Passion Andaluza combines four elements: music, dance, horses and riders. The musical pieces in Passion Andaluza were specifically created by Manolo Carrasco for this performance, and they are conducted and played live by the author himself and the Passion Andaluza orchestra. The creator of the music for the Real Escuela del Arte Ecuestre in Jerez, Manolo Carrasco composed a sort of music aimed at highlighting the different movements of the horses in Passion Andaluza.

As director, composer and pianist of the show, Manolo Carrasco had to work very hard to achieve a seamless integration of all components of Passion Andaluza, for a perfectly harmonious and symmetrical performance of the equestrian exercises.

The show will delight us with different types of live music, predominantly flamenco (bulerías, alegrías, seguidillas…), combined with classical music and, in some of the pieces, even with blues and jazz. All the members of the Passion Andaluza orchestra are professional, highly experienced musicians.


Video and Dossier of the show

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