Aires de Andalucía


We are pleased to present you «Aires de Andalucía» by Manolo Carrasco. This newborn musical offers an intimate and generous concert, with a great impact of multimedia. Virtuous the first part of Andalusian classics, sensitive the second part of the musical creations of Manolo Carrasco. Both parties convey to the public not only their quality, but also their ability to communicate.

In the hands of the three instruments, the music becomes a toy that arouses emotions creating a very special atmosphere. With great technical mastery «Aires de Andalucía» interprets unforgettable moments, rediscovering Andalusia in its quintessence, full of joy and color. Three instruments that come together to transmit what they carry inside, something unique, that cannot be erased…

Once again the alchemy in the formation of «Aires de Andalucía» knows how to arouse passions, knows how to get us drunk with music…

It’s unique.