Passion Andaluza is a genuine equestrian ballet created from choreographies of reprises of classical dressage and dressage, combined with live music, dance and flamenco. Thanks to the fusion of three elements such as: music, dance and horses, Manolo Carrasco transports us to the magic of Andalusia, his land.

This show not only recreates the Andalusian passion, but also represents all the color and joy of the culture of the south. Passion Andaluza is a family show, where all the members of the family will enjoy feeling the charm that equestrian dance transmits. The main difference compared to other shows is that the music is performed live.

The Passion Andaluza show is given by the combination of four elements such as: music, dance, riders and horses. The works of Passion Andaluza have been created by Manolo Carrasco for this performance, they are directed and played live by him together with the Passion Andaluza orchestra. Manolo Carrasco, creator of the music of the royal school of equestrian art of Jerez, has composed music for Passion Andaluza capable of enhancing the different movements performed by horses.

Manolo Carrasco as director, composer and pianist of the show has had a hard job to achieve an integrity of all the components of Passion Andaluza, performing equestrian art exercises with perfect harmony and symmetry.

The show will delight us with various types of live music, highlighting flamenco (bulerías, alegrías, seguidillas…), fused with classical music and even in some works with blues and jazz. It should be noted that all the members of the Passion Andaluza orchestra are professionals and have extensive experience behind them.