SOUNDS OF SPAIN, brings to life the program of the virtuoso duo made up of the renowned pianist and composer from Cádiz MANOLO CARRASCO and the outstanding and virtuoso violin player SIMON GARCIA, guest artist for this unique Piano and Violin concert.

In this concert for piano and violin, its composer Manolo Carrasco will show all his musical essences, from the original songs composed by himself, passing through the classics of the great Spanish masters and composers, as well as giving some touches of songs typical of the flamenco, so that the public can vibrate and get to know Spanish music and especially flamenco music from the south of Spain, the land where Manolo Carrasco was born.

In this concert, the way in which the program to be presented is conceived is very important, since the performers’ proposal has been designed to offer a tour of the entire panorama of Spanish music, going from the traditional to the innovative, from the most famous for performers and great Spanish masters to the most original and composed by the pianist Manolo Carrasco himself.

The participation as a guest artist of the Spanish violinist Simon García, as well as the same pianist and composer Manolo Carrasco, make with their magnificent interpretation, be worthy representatives of this instrumental format, demanding in musicality, technique and great expressiveness.

Sounds of Spain, is a concert for all audiences, where attendees can vibrate and participate with the artists in some of the moments of the concert, becoming a unique and incomparable piano and violin concert.